Nomad games festival in Almaty

Just back from a quick trip to Kazakhstan, where I was able to visit the World Ethnosport Confederation’s festival outside Almaty. Formed in 2015, the Confederation is made up of countries with a steppe tradition. On display in Almaty were riders from Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Bulgaria, as well as singers and musical performers from Uzbekistan, Turkey, Buryatia and various other countries.

Traditional wrestling, archery and eagle-hunting displays were also featured in the festival, which took place in the countryside outside Almaty. The horse-riding skills on show were truly spectacular and much appreciated by the large crowds.

Traditional eagle-hunters and their dogs at the festival
Archers using traditional recurved bows take their aim
Wrestling action at the festival
Two horses at the same time? No problem!
Uzbek singers and musicians

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