Transcribing the Atkinson Diaries – RGS talk

On Monday 13th May I will be giving a talk at the Royal Geographical Society in London on my work transcribing Thomas Atkinson’s diaries. “Be Inspired – Transcribing the Atkinson Diaries” will take place at RGS headquarters at 1 Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR and starts at 14.30. Having spent the last couple of years travelling regularly to the RGS to work on these remarkable diaries, I will have a lot of fascinating information to share. Atkinson’s diaries cast new light on his relationship with his wife Lucy and provide details of their travels that cannot be found in their books. Click on the link above to book a ticket.

One thought on “Transcribing the Atkinson Diaries – RGS talk

  1. I am delighted to see that the transcription of Thomas Atkinson’s diaries is moving ever forward. When I gave those diaries to the RGS it was my hope that scholars and people interested in the incredible exploits of my great-great-grandfather (and his wife Lucy) would be able to read those diaries. Nick Fielding’s transcription will greatly further that goal. I only wish I could magically transport from Hawaii to London for the talk.


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