Good turnout for RGS talk on Lucy Atkinson

About 60 people turned out yesterday afternoon at the Royal Geographical Society in London to hear my talk Lucy Atkinson: One of the ‘Greats’ in the Pantheon of Travellers. My aim in this talk was to place Lucy’s achievements as a writer and explorer in the context of other women travellers from the mid-nineteenth century and before. The exploits of such pioneers as Abby Jane Morrell, Mary Boddington, Eliza Fay, Maria Graham, Lady Florentia Sale and Ida Pfeiffer were outlined in some detail.

Most of these names are probably unknown to all but the most erudite readers, but they all made their mark. At present there is no specific place to celebrate their achievements, although the RGS itself is planning to introduce more inclusive space into the building. Undoubtedly it is an anomaly that a portrait of Lord Curzon hangs above the fireplace in the main entrance hall to the building, as during debates within the RGS in the 1890s he strongly opposed women being granted fellowship on the grounds that they were incapably of scientific work!

Myself and Lucy Atkinson’s gg grand-daughter Pippa Smith at the meeting.

2 thoughts on “Good turnout for RGS talk on Lucy Atkinson

  1. I just finished reading your book “South to the great steppe”. Thank you for such a fascinating story! I have already bought Lucy Atkinson’s Recollections of Tartar steppes.
    Was your RGS talk recorded?


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