Lucy Atkinson talk now available on RGS website

My recent talk at the Royal Geographical Society on Lucy Atkinson is now available for viewing/listening on the RGS website. You can find it here. The talk, Lucy Atkinson: One of the ‘Greats’ in the Pantheon of Travellers, was given on 24th January as part of the ‘Be Inspired’ series. I argued that Lucy’s achievements as a traveller/explorer matched those of almost any of the women travellers who preceded her – and many of the women who followed. She was one of the most adventurous of nineteenth century travellers, reaching places that no other Europeans had ever seen and covering almost 40,000 miles through Siberia and Central Asia. Not to mention that she gave birth to a son, who travelled with her wherever she went. And yet today her name remains almost unknown. Surely it is time she was given the recognition she so richly deserves.

2 thoughts on “Lucy Atkinson talk now available on RGS website

  1. Hi Nick,
    Just watched your wonderful talk on Lucy and other great w0men explorers and travelers.
    Well done on trying to get them all recognised.
    It is about time and as a relative of one of them I am very grateful for all you do to bring them to the attention of more people for their extraordinary feats..
    Thanks and regards Rose Whitehead


    1. Thanks Rose,
      Hopefully it wont be long before the likes of Lucy Atkinson, Ida Pfeiffer and the other pioneering women travellers receive the recognition they deserve for their remarkable exploits.
      Very best wishes to you,


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